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We’re more excited than ever to bring you news of how IREC’s transformational work is making a clean energy future possible. We’re moving forward at the speed and intensity required to keep up with a rapidly changing industry, and the increased national interest we’ve worked so hard to create.

IREC’s successes over the last 30 years helped create today’s increasing needs and opportunities for our expertise. The fast-paced growth in renewable energy and energy efficiency means we have more work ahead of us than ever – to ensure that more individuals and businesses have access to safe and affordable clean energy.

On these pages you’ll see some exciting news – and a glimpse of more IREC events and initiatives coming up over the next several months. Stay connected and get important clean energy news as one of 6,500 subscribers to IREC’s newsletters. Watch for news about how you can join us in Chicago for an exciting, innovative IREC “meeting,” as we present a series of briefings on what’s happening in the clean energy arena, including national and state trends and why they are important – right on the floor of Solar Power International.

We’re also shifting our annual innovation awards into a much higher gear. IREC’s i-Awards recognize the nation’s Best of 2013 Innovation, Ingenuity, and Inspiration. Strong national competition will set apart the most exceptional people, projects and programs in several new categories, and acknowledgment of winners will be widespread. If you’ve got a special project with a remarkable result, we hope you’ll apply. And please encourage nominations from other individuals and programs leading clean energy innovation. Don’t miss the July 1 deadline!

And if you’re as passionate as we are about making a clean energy future possible, show your support for IREC’s work by making a tax-deductible donation. Just click on the Support IREC icon you see throughout the site. Your contribution makes a difference!

A million thanks for your continued confidence and support!

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