Delivering the message: credentialing drives quality training RE & EE programs

In April, the IREC Credentialing team was on the road. The IREC Credentialing Program is driven to support the mission of developing a well-trained, competent workforce. Our part is to lay the foundation, through the development of robust standards and the administration of a pace setting credentialing program that drives quality training for energy efficiency and renewable energy.

For us, it is all about training and education. Our credential holders — accredited training programs and certified trainers — are delivering well designed, quality training that teaches students the knowledge and skills they need to be successful on the job. Simultaneously, our job at IREC is educating the industry, educators, the public, and other stakeholders on the benefits and absolute necessity of credentialing.

After the NAWB (National Association of Workforce Boards) conference in Washington DC in March (see the March issue of the Chronicle), we attended the California Workforce Association meeting. Our attendance at both of these events was targeted at educating Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) on how they can leverage IREC credentials to recognize quality training. It was wonderful to see key WIB leaders embrace the idea of adding IREC Credentials to their toolbox for identifying training that will help them develop the workforce in their region.

The IREC Credentialing team attended the AACC (American Association of Community Colleges) conference in San Francisco, to raise awareness about credentialing among community colleges. Hundreds of community colleges across the country are offering programs in clean energy with the goal of preparing students for jobs. It is critical that we give students, employers and funders a vehicle for identifying top-notch programs. The IREC team helped conference attendees understand how IREC accreditation can set training programs apart from the pack.

To round out our road trip, at the end of April we will be attending and presenting at the ACI National Conference in Denver. This is a great opportunity for trainers in energy efficiency and weatherization to learn about how to leverage IREC credentials to attract students. Five weatherization training programs and three instructors have achieved IREC credentials and are leading the charge to raise the bar for quality in this industry.  Is your program ready to get in the game? Stop by our booth (#806) at ACI to talk with us and learn more about our program.


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