Printable Forms Now Available for IREC’s Credentialing CMS

Did you know that form printing is now available in the Credentialing Management System (CMS)? You will now find the link to print within all of your online forms. Using the print feature will open the form in its entirety in a separate browser window.  From there you can save as a file or print to paper. Since more than one instance of the CMS should never be opened in the same browser, this feature is great if you want to view one form as you work on another. Or, perhaps you just need to have a copy of your application or other forms for your records or to share with other members of your organization.  Use the print feature to save the form to a PDF and email to your co-workers, or print it out to bring to a meeting.


For the next 72 hours, you can download any IREC report without having to fill out this form again!

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