Study finds net benefits from distributed generation

Distributed generation (DG) and net metering will provide Arizona Public Service (APS) customers with $34 million in annual benefits, according to a study by Crossborder Energy.

The study, commissioned by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), used data from APS’ 2012 Integrated Resource Plan to examine the costs incurred and the benefits generated by distributed solar over the 20-year life of a distributed solar system — an approach consistent with APS’ long-term resource planning.

For each dollar spent, DG provides $1.54 worth of benefits to APS customers, the research found, amounting to net benefits of $34 million per year beginning in 2015. Benefits include savings on expensive conventional power and power plants; reduced investments in transmission and distribution infrastructure; reduced electricity losses during transportation over power lines; and savings on the cost of meeting renewable energy requirements.

Source: Fierce Energy


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