Illinois ICC seeks comments on net metering

On June 28, the Illinois Commerce Commission issued a notice requesting comments on net metering rule revisions. The matter is currently proceeding on an informal basis however the notification and draft rules are available on a new ICC Net Metering web page. Following the commenting period, ICC staff will convene a workshop or conference call to discuss next steps in the rulemaking process.

The proposed changes relate to several pieces of legislation enacted in 2011 and 2012.

Highlights include:

  • Added language which preserves net metering for “non-competitive customers”, referring to customers whose service class had not been declared competitive by July 1, 2011, including all residential customers and smaller non-residential customers;
  • The removal of the previous aggregate cap language, in favor of a higher limit, increasing from 1% to 5% of peak demand during the previous calendar year;
  • The removal of the former 40 kW system size limit for net metering, replacing it with a new limit of 2 MW for eligible customers;
    The establishment of net excess generation (NEG) crediting methods: for eligible customers on non-Time-of-Use (TOU) rates, the credit takes the form of a 1:1 kWh credit, while TOU customers are credited with a monetary credit at the applicable rate for the time period during which the NEG takes place.
  • The establishment of NEG crediting methods for customers that do not fall within the definition of a “non-competitive customer”: these customers are not eligible for net metering as the term is generally understood, and instead would be credited at a wholesale rate for energy supply charges.


The ICC is requesting comments on the draft rule by July 19, 2013.




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