DWEA Plans State Policy Summit

The Distributed Wind Energy Association plans the first annual distributed wind State Policy Summit on October 21 in Chicago, Illinois in conjunction with the Solar Power International Conference. The primary goal of this event is to create renewable energy cohesion when working in state markets.  Specific objectives include:

  1. Introduce and Reacquaint regional and state partners with the distributed wind industry
    1. Collaboration, coordination and education of key partners to build grassroots efforts on the ground
    2. Determine how to best support local efforts
    3. Identify local opportunities
  2. Support renewable energy policy initiatives that are technology neutral
    1. Work with the solar industry to develop opportunities to work together in the pursuit of distributed generation policy
    2. Drive distributed generation policy rather than technology specific policies
  3. Coordinate the industry’s efforts for the upcoming 2014 state legislative session
    1. Identifying target states
    2. Find opportunities to influence key markets
    3. Highlight key initiatives to pursue

Event Format:

Brief opening and presentations from speakers with the purpose of providing the framework for the day by introducing the solar industry’s success and state priorities, update on state policy trends around the country and move toward broader renewable energy policy approach, and, finally, by highlighting a recent success in CO with the DG carve-out passed earlier in 2013.

  • Key Note Speaker – Solar Success
  • Speaker: State Policy Trends Nationally
  • Speaker: Colorado and Distributed Generation
  • Conversation Café Exercise
  • State Strategies

The remainder of the time will be focused on a facilitated discussion. Attendees will break into smaller groups that will focus on identifying opportunities to work together with regional partners to create a neutral policy environment. The end of the day will wrap up the day’s work by creating coordinated strategy to work, solar and distributed wind industry in support of regional and state partners in the upcoming 2014 state legislative session.

For more information, contact the Distributed Wind Energy Association, info@distributed wind.org

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