XZERES Acquires Southwest Windpower’s Skystream Product Line

XZERES announced in early July that it has acquired the assets of Southwest Windpower. The assets include Southwest Windpower’s Skystream product line and product designs, related IP portfolio, manufacturing assets, and inventory.

Southwest Windpower introduced the Skystream product line in 2008, and it has been reported that more than 8,000 units have been installed worldwide, making Skystream the world’s highest volume small wind turbine to date. As reported in the last issue of the Small Wind Newsletter, Southwest Windpower abruptly shut its doors in February.

Skystream has been trademarked and certified in key global markets, with a strong installation presence in the U.S., Europe and Southeast Asia. The turbine is certified by Underwriters Laboratory and the Small Wind Certification Council.  According to Brent Summerville, executive director of the Small Wind Certification Council, “SWCC has a procedure for transferring the certification to a new owner of a certified turbine.  SWCC is currently working with Xzeres to transfer this certification.”

The manufacturing assets acquired by XZERES include tooling and fixtures, production line and testing equipment. The IP portfolio includes five issued patents, plus five patents pending in the U.S. and internationally, including those covering the next-generation design of a larger Skystream wind turbine. While XZERES will not be extending warranty coverage to existing Skystream customers, Frank Greco, CEO of XZERES said, “we’re pleased to be able to finally provide them long-overdue support and maintenance services, as well as special upgrade options.”  Details about what this specifically means are not yet available on the company’s website.

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