Innovate locally. Share Nationally. Training a Competitive Global Solar Workforce

Timing, as they say, is everything. In politics. In baseball. I’d also posit that talent and vision are close cousins. And in the case of the Solar Instructor Training Network, I’d add one more: favorable global economics.

The speed and magnitude of change in the global solar market has been spectacular if not daunting. Who knew, four years ago, that the industry would see year-after-year of exponential growth, fueling the demand and need for a highly-trained solar workforce?

The SITN has spent the past four years doing what it was designed to do: build a highly-skilled solar workforce across the U.S.  Established by the U.S. Department of Energy, the SITN, through nine Regional Training Providers (RTPs), is filling a critical need for accessible, high-quality, market-valued training programs in solar system design, installation, sales and inspection through train-the-trainer programs in neighborhoods and communities like yours.

Next to China, the U.S. is the most attractive solar market, making the timing of the SITN’s work perfect. To keep pace with the intensity of growth, the RTPs know full well the importance of ensuring a well-trained workforce is in place to support this thriving U.S. market. Always sensitive to local and regional workforce needs, the RTPs innovate locally and share nationally. Instructor-trainees also know they’re on the receiving end of highly-specialized solar training at some of the country’s premiere solar training institutions.

The RTPs have developed local, accessible, blue ribbon quality training, delivered to almost 900 instructor trainees in nearly every state. Thousands have received solar education and training from instructors and programs established by SITN; and RTPs continue to engage new institutions in states that are seeing a sharp increase in solar installations. This training has, and will, keep them agile in a globally competitive marketplace.

In this hefty edition of the SITN Quarterly, you’ll get a sense of the range of the creative solar education and training in motion by the RTPs. I remain in constant awe of their achievements, creativity and talents: smart, passionate people who immeasurably enhance the way I see the world. And since it’s the time of year when we more readily count our blessings, I humbly count mine as a part of such a remarkable community.

Join me in celebrating the work of the RTPs, and may you have a safe and happy holiday season.

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