New Organizations and Trainers Awarded Prestigious IREC Credential

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Inc. (IREC) announced recently that five training organizations and seven individual instructors in clean energy were recently awarded the prestigious IREC Credential.

“It is exciting to see such a diverse group of organizations and educators demonstrating their commitment to quality and continuous improvement through pursuit of an IREC credential,” said Laure-Jeanne Davignon, director of IREC’s Credentialing Program. “We view this as a strong indicator of the health and maturity of the fast-growing renewable energy and energy efficiency industry.”

The IREC Credentialing Program for colleges, private training organizations and individual trainers is the respected mark of quality, market-valued training that provides important new safeguards for clean energy consumers, industry, students and government.

Focused on quality training that meets employer needs, the IREC Credential offers workers, employers and consumers the reassurance that trainers and training programs are teaching skills to industry-validated standards, to create a highly qualified clean energy workforce.

For more than 30 years, IREC has been raising the bar for the clean energy industry. Today, IREC leads the nation in the development of quality and competency standards, and accreditation and certification programs for clean energy educators and training programs in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Together, they form a strong foundation for a quality workforce.

The trainers and organizations listed below have successfully completed a rigorous assessment process for their curriculum, administration, facilities, tools and hardware, personnel, safety practices.

Training Program Accreditation

COAD Ohio Weatherization Training Center
Quality Control Inspector Series (Quality Control Inspector Job Task Analysis)

Indoor Climate Research & Training, University of IL
Quality Control (Quality Control Inspector Job Task Analysis)
Weatherization Basics, Heat Transfer, Building Fundamentals, Introduction to Building Diagnostics, Infrared Thermography, Mid-Course Field Session, Introduction to Heating Systems, Advanced Heating Systems,  Air-conditioning/Heat Pumps, Health & Safety, Indoor Pollutants, Lead-safe Weatherization, Proficiency Test and Weatherization Building Assessment (Energy Auditor Job Task Analysis)

Institute of Environmental Management & Technology
Energy Auditor (Energy Auditor Job Task Analysis)
Quality Control Inspector (Quality Control Inspector Job Task Analysis)
Retrofit Installer Technician (Retrofit Installer Technician Job Task Analysis)
Crew Leader (Crew Leader Job Task Analysis)

National Sustainable Structures Center
WTC135 Weatherization Tactics (Retrofit Installer Technician Job Task Analysis)
WTC 135 Weatherization Tactics, WTC 149 Diagnostic Approaches to Weatherization, WTC 153 Baseload Auditing, WTC 182 Customer Service, WTC 191 Advanced Weatherization Diagnostics, WTC 163 Introduction to Residential Heating Systems, WTC 114 Combustion Analysis and Retrofit (Gas), WTC 113 Combustion Analysis and Retrofit (Oil) and WTC 192 Home Energy Auditing (Energy Auditor Job Task Analysis)

SMOC/Green Jobs Academy
Crew (Lead) Chief (Crew Leader Job Task Analysis)
Quality Control Inspector (Quality Control Inspector Job Task Analysis – Provisional)
Weatherization (Retrofit) Installer (Retrofit Installer Technician Job Task Analysis)

Course Addition to Training Program Accreditation

Course added: PV201 PV Design and Installation Online (PV Installer Job Task Analysis)

Affiliated Master Trainer Certification

Tom Andrews, Indiana Community Action Association (INCAA)
(Energy Auditor Job Task Analysis)

Dan Hartman, Indiana Community Action Association (INCAA)
(Retrofit Installer Technician and Crew Leader Job Task Analyses)

Robert Hattier, Midwest Renewable Energy Association
(PV Installer Job Task Analysis)

Steve Nall, Indiana Community Action Association (INCAA)
(Quality Control Inspector Job Task Analysis)

Benjamin Nusz, Midwest Renewable Energy Association
(Solar Heating Installer Job Task Analysis)

Affiliated Instructor Certification

Julie Brazeau, Midwest Renewable Energy Association
(PV Installer Job Task Analysis)

Emeritus Master Trainer Status

Tom Lane



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