New Hampshire PUC approves group net metering rules

On January 2, the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission adopted interim rules for group net metering for systems up to 1 megawatt.

New Hampshire’s group net metering rules are similar to those in Vermont, where a “host” customer may register with a utility and assume the duties and obligations required to administer a group net metering system.  These duties include providing the utility with information about the group, such as the generation capacity and historic electric loads of the customers, and submitting an annual report that details any changes to the group membership.  The rules also require that a host must enter into a formal agreement with group members, including:

  • The contact information for the host and group members;
  • The procedure by which the host will allocate and collect payments to its members, including the frequency and manner of payments and collection;
  • The procedure by which members may join and leave the group;
  • A binding dispute resolution process for any conflicts that may arise.

In the approved rules, a “group” is defined as “one or more members who are default service customers of the same distribution utility who have signed an agreement with a host.”

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