Pennsylvania PUC Proposes Net Metering Changes

On February 20, the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission (PUC) issued proposed rules to amend the state’s portfolio standard, interconnection and net metering rules through a single rulemaking proceeding.

The proposed changes to the existing regulations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The addition of definitions for aggregator (to aggregate renewable energy credits from small DG systems), default service provider, grid emergencies and microgrids;
  • Revisions to the interconnection rules to reflect the increase in limits on customer-generator capacity (from 2 MW to 5 MW);
  • Inclusion of a process for obtaining Commission approval to net meter alternative energy systems with a nameplate capacity of 500 kilowatts or greater;
  • Clarification of the virtual meter aggregation language to require onsite load;
  • Clarification of net metering compensation for customer-generators receiving generation service from electric distribution companies (EDCs), default service providers (DSPs) and electric generation suppliers (EGSs).
  • Revisions to the definitions for low-impact hydropower (to include a definition for “moving water impoundments”) and biomass to conform with the Act 129 of 2008 amendment.
  • Clarification of Commission procedures and standards regarding generator certification and the use of estimated readings for solar photovoltaic facilities.
  • Clarification of the process for verification of compliance with the AEPS Act.
  • Standards for the qualification of large distributed generation systems as customer-generators.
  • Revision of the definition for year and yearly as it applies to net metering to the period of time from May 1 through April 30.

The proposed rules can be downloaded here or found in Docket L-2014-2404361.


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