Louisiana: Lively utilities meeting held on net metering

Source: The Times-Picayune

The Louisiana Commission discussed the issue of solar energy and net metering at Wednesday’s meeting in Baton Rouge. After a year of delay, the PSC voted last month to commission a study into the costs and savings of expanding the state’s still fledgling net metering program.

But this month, as the commissioners were set on choosing a consultant to undertake the project, its members were forced to start the process all over again when an unnamed party protested their decision to truncate the bid process to 15 days. The five bids gathered during the 15-day request for proposal (RFP) process were thrown out, and a new 25-day bidding process has begun.

It was unclear what company, group or individual protested the shortened bid time, with PSC spokesman Colby Cook characterizing the source only as “concerned citizens.” Cook said the panel should be on track to choose a consultant during their May meeting, which will be held in Bossier City.


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