Small Wind Conference Organizers Urge: Go With the Flow!

This June 16 – 18, Stevens Point Wisconsin will host the 10th annual gathering of Small Wind industry “insiders.” Participants at the Small Wind Conference will discuss issues such as Operations and Manufacturing trends and warranties, innovation and change for manufacturers, cutting edge innovations in towers, certification updates, testing from the trenches, and off-grid issues. A new session, “Engineers Gone Wild,” is sure to go viral! Topics will include the most up-to-date information on the Renewable Energy Assistance Program (REAP) changes in the Farm Bill.

The Conference also serves as a venue for important meetings such as the SWCC Board meeting, DWEA membership meeting and a stakeholder meeting to discuss updates to the AWEA Small Wind Turbine Standard.

Synchronous with the solar industry, check out this article in Solar Today on the Small Wind Conference from veteran installer Mick Sagrillo. Believers in the power of global renewable energy unite! You have nothing to lose but your carbon emissions!

Visit the conference website for more information at

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