June 2014 Update to IREC Candidate Handbook

IREC Credentialing Program  Candiate Handbook

June 13, 2014 – The IREC Credentialing Program has released a new version of the IREC Candidate Handbook. The Candidate Handbook serves as a primary resource for those who are applying for or have been awarded an IREC credential. As the IREC Credentialing Program grows, continuous updates and improvements are made to address questions and feedback from candidates and to support a high quality assessment process.

Credential holders, applicants and other stakeholders are advised that the following policies have been revised or added:

  •  Eligibility requirements for IREC Instructor or Master Trainer Emeritus Status (Page 13)
  • Term of candidacy for the IREC credential (Page 18)
  • Change of Ownership of an Accredited Body (Page 37)
  • Clarification of the timeline for revocation of a credential due to failure to complete annual maintenance (90 days.) (Page 30)

Access the IREC Candidate Handbook (pdf)

Questions should be directed to the IREC Credentialing Program. credentialing@irecusa.org or (518) 621-7379


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