Not Just Another Brick in the Wall

In the summer, I tend to listen to music more often than during the rest of the year. During my formative years, I was a fan of the rock group Pink Floyd, and yes, I still enjoy their music today. One of their more famous songs, “Another Brick in the Wall,” was released in 1979, the same year I started teaching, so it has special meaning to me. I made a pact with myself that I would never be just another brick in the wall, and I’d like to think that over my 32-year teaching career, I’ve made a difference.

As project manager of the Solar Instructor Training Network for IREC, I recently finished the last of my yearly site visits to the nine Regional Training Providers.  Each time I walk away,  I’m confident that the RTP is clearly making a difference building a highly qualified, well–trained solar workforce. Each year, I learn something new. And I’m always impressed with the passion and enthusiasm exhibited by the instructors and staff of the RTPs, who make sure the instructor trainees gain the requisite solar skill sets, information and resources to become the best possible solar instructors.

As National Administrator of the SITN, IREC continues to support these efforts by providing leadership and guidance of RTP initiatives, as well as offering additional resources to ensure success as instructor trainees set up their own solar programs.  I’m delighted to share that over the last four and one-half-years, this commitment to partnership has provided high-quality training to nearly 1,000 instructors across the country. Now THAT’s making a difference!

Inside the summer edition of the SITN Quarterly, you’ll get a chance to read about initiatives of the RTPs, instructor trainees and their respective institutions that are truly making a difference to ensure the solar industry has a highly skilled, quality workforce. When the president of the United States singles out the great efforts of the SITN (as he and a White House press release did a few months ago), it’s another affirmation of this group making a difference.

To date, over 30,000 individuals have received training through the SITN, and we’re still counting! As the summer comes to a close and the start of another school year approaches, I can say with absolute confidence that the faculty and staff of the SITN are NOT just another brick in the wall!

Enjoy the newsletter.

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