Updated Distributed Wind Policy Comparison Tool Reflects Changes in Market Conditions

The Distributed Wind Policy Comparison Tool has been updated with several improvements to reflect changes in market conditions: www.windpolicytool.org

The DW Policy Tool is a one-stop shop for information related to the cost, policies, incentives and other details associated with on-site wind. It was created to help policy makers, industry representatives and advocates better understand what makes a successful distributed wind market environment, and keep tabs on the complex, ever-changing policy landscape.

The tool allows sensitivity analyses to be conducted on various policy options and assumptions to determine impacts, optimize scenarios, and guide smart investments in small wind technology. It highlights attractive markets and policy targets that offer the quickest return on investment, encouraging best practices to sustain and improve support for distributed wind

Updated versions of the user guide (with a new state ranking chart) and user tips sheet are online, and a “What’s New” page in the left lower menu summarizes the noteworthy changes, including:

Incentive Updates

Policy information has been updated to reflect the most current market environment, including:

  • Updated Renewable Energy Credit prices for each state/territory;
  • Updated net metering policies for each state/territory;
  • Changed sales tax rates and exemptions where applicable;
  • Changed or removed state and federal incentives as needed;
  • Adjusted depreciation calculations so that MACRS depreciation could be accurately applied to residential sector scenarios.

Wind Turbine Updates

  • Two turbine models were added to the tool.
  • All power curves and tower heights were verified and energy productions were recalculated.
  • All capital cost values were updated

Tool Expansion

The Policy Tool now includes Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Other Updates

  • Retail electric rates for each state/territory.
  • Default wind resource for each state/territory.

If you have any questions or suggestions for further changes during the next annual update please let contact Alice Orrell at alice.orrell@pnnl.gov or Heather Rhodes-Weaver at heather@eformativeoptions.com.

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