From One Year to Another

December is a month we tend to look back over the year. As I do that, I see an incredibly successful, productive year as it relates to IREC’s goals and objectives. This is of course against the backdrop of an equally incredible year of frustration with what’s happening on the federal level.
We know better than ever that it is state policy and regulatory actions that are directly determining the volume and pace of clean energy access and adoption by consumers across the U.S. This makes IREC’s impactful state-by-state work more critical than ever before. Clearly, our work must continue in order to make it possible for more Americans to enjoy the benefits of the clean renewable energy, despite any shift in federal policies. 
IREC’s vision is a future where all Americans benefit from clean renewables, whether they own or rent or live in a multi-family community.
It’s a future where the most vulnerable among us benefit from the sun – from affordable solar for low-income residents to on-site power generation and storage for our schools, hospitals and emergency shelters. 
It’s a future where a more resilient modern grid lessens the effects of ever more powerful storms, is more secure from cyber-attack, and is more reliant on clean energy resources than fossil fuels.  
It’s a future where individuals, communities and businesses share the power of renewables more easily, with smart, cost-effective, and streamlined processes to make this happen.
I’m proud to say that for 35 years, IREC has played an integral role in each of these challenges.
The continuation of IREC’s vitally important work is not a choice. It is indispensible. The demand for our on-the-ground involvement and participation is rapidly escalating as more states grapple with the opportunities and complexities of transforming their energy supply and delivery systems – as they begin to plan for and build a more modern grid.
One thing is certain. It won’t happen without your help.
Did you know that IREC has significantly diversified its funding sources in recent years? From 77% government grants just three years ago, our programs will rely on only 27% government sources in 2018.  The rest is a combination of private foundations, corporate and individual support.
Today, you can help ensure our shared vision for a clean energy tomorrow by investing in that future with a generous tax-deductible donation before the end of the year. 
With the holiday season upon us, please consider joining me in making IREC donations in honor of those you know and love. Because it’s our collective future we’re working to protect.
Best of holiday and new year wishes to you and those you hold dear!























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