Forward-thinking states charge ahead on energy storage

As appears in Energy Storage News
March 2, 2020

by Sara E Baldwin

In the US, energy storage has quickly become a featured issue among legislative and regulatory discussions across the country.

States are tackling a myriad of issues within legislation, executive orders and commission proceedings that will impact the overall cost and value of energy storage, the process of connecting energy storage to the grid, and the extent to which energy storage is integrated into long-term grid planning and operations.

Last year alone, state legislatures across the country considered over 30 energy storage related bills, and regulatory commissions in over a dozen states tackled an array of regulatory proceedings impacting energy storage deployment.

As more states take steps to ensure energy storage can be integrated on the grid and contribute to the achievement of aggressive clean energy goals, the implementation details are critical. Although it may seem straightforward to integrate energy storage into state energy markets, the characteristics that make storage so valuable and attractive also make it challenging to address in policy and regulatory contexts.

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