“IREC’s expertise is at the heart of the nation’s renewable energy growth over the past 37 years and is more critical today than ever before, to ensure our clean energy future.”

Larry Shirley, IREC Chairman of the Board of Directors

IREC’s work is more indispensable today than ever. Demand for our on-the-ground regulatory involvement escalates every quarter, as more states grapple with the complexities of transforming their energy supply and delivery systems—as they work to turn bold climate goals into reality. At the same time, we’re working nationally to grow a skilled workforce for a clean energy economy, across multiple industries.

Our active engagement in regulatory arenas is building the foundation for more rapid adoption of clean energy and energy efficiency. And as we lead the training of a workforce ready to exponentially expand the use of new technologies, we’re building training-to-job pipelines, and proudly growing economic opportunities for individuals and communities who might otherwise not benefit from the energy transformation, including at-risk youth and veterans.

Today, while many of our energy challenges are national and global, it is still state policy and regulatory actions that drive solutions and the pace of clean energy deployment. This is where IREC is uniquely positioned.

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