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About IREC

The Credentialing Program is part of the larger IREC organization.  Established in 1982, IREC is a non-profit organization; Jane Weissman is the President and CEO. Here are some of the other big projects IREC works on:

  • IREC’s work introduces regulatory policy innovations that empower individuals and businesses to benefit from clean energy use.
  • Our national experts identify, define and promote clean energy best practices for states, municipalities, utilities and industries, which ultimately shapes the local, regional and national energy landscape.
  • IREC develops quality and competency standards, accreditation and certification programs for clean energy educators and training programs, all of which work together to form a strong foundation for a highly-trained, quality-prepared workforce.
  • As National Administrator of the Solar Instructor Training Network (SITN), IREC works with nationally recognized solar and training experts, nine Regional Training Providers (RTPs), and industry to create consistency in quality education and training of solar technology — ensuring that education and training match changing job opportunities.
  • IREC’s thought-leading publications and reports drive community, state and federal actions, and promote stakeholder consensus on complex issues

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