1.0 Photovoltaic Laboratory Training Facilities

Fully functional PV laboratories have indoor and outdoor laboratory areas that support specific course offerings (see Section 4.0). There are creative and affordable approaches to building the mockups, roofs, and wall areas necessary to meet the needs of the PV course or program. Real-world situations can be simulated for layout, installation, trouble-shooting, and a variety of lab activities. Matching the lab to the specific course of instruction is critical to the success of the instruction.

The following section describes typical classroom specifications and examples of PV laboratory mockups and workstations.

Classroom/Lab Equipment Lab area with mockupsEssential/Essential
OutdoorWork AreaEssential
Storage AreaEssential
Battery AreaDesirable
Roof Structures – pitched, flatRound mount and rolling unitPole mount, trackersEssentialEssentialDesirable
Mounting DemonstrationsEssential
Electrical Service mockups of two or more examples -100a 200aEssential
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