2.1.6 Mechanical and Structural Hardware

2.1.6.a. Array Mounting Hardware 

Specifications: Complete materials required to structurally mount 2-4 kW PV array on composition fiberglass/asphalt shingle sloped roofs – including module clamps, support rails, fasteners, roof jacks, posts, and flashings (Flat roof applications must be considered. Ballasted and traditional mounted systems should be included, along with both fixed and adjustable installations.)

2.1.6.a.1 Adjustable Multi-pole Ground Mount

Suggested Quantity:  Determined by size of mounting surface and array.

Importance Rating:Essential

Comments:The hardware is supplied with packaged systems from SunWize. Flashing must be matched to the mounting system being installed.

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2.1.6.b. Flashings and Supports


  • Combinations of PV array attachments and flashing
  • QuickMount PV – composition mounts, or TTI flat jack roof mounts
2.1.6.b.1 DPW Tubular stand-off with flashing

Suggested Quantity:  Enough flashings and attachments for 2-4 kW array (25-40).

Importance Rating:Essential

Comments:  Appropriate flashing and UV-rated sealant ensures weather tight installations and reduces contractor liability.

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2.1.6.c. Miscellaneous Mounting Hardware

Specifications: Sample hardware and attachments required to structurally mount PV array on other roof types, including standing seam metal, barrel and flat concrete tiles, flat membrane and gravel roofs, self-ballasted and anchored attachments, S5! (standing seam), and DPW (tile and metal roofs).

2.1.6.c.3 DPW Frameless module system

Suggested Quantity:  Sufficient number and variety for demonstration.

Importance Rating: Essential

Comments:Examples of the mounting systems being used in the area should be included. Sample hardware used locally for roof-top installations, should be demonstrated.

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