2.2.1 Site Evaluation and Survey Equipment

2.2.1.a. Solar Shading Calculator   

Specifications (one or more of the following):

  • Solar Pathfinder Kit
  • Solar Pathfinder Assistant Software, V4 (optional)
  • Basic digital camera (optional)
  • Solmetric SunEye210 w/ GPS
  • Solmetric PV DesignerTM software

Suggested Quantity: At least one set for the class; one set for every 4 to 5 students is preferred

Importance Rating: Essential

Comments: You can check for an educational discount on Solmetric Suneye. A digital camera is required for the Pathfinder Assistant software.

2.2.1.b. Miscellaneous Site Assessment Equipment  


  • Inspection light
  • Inspection mirror
  • Angle finder
  • Compass
  • Electronic deep-scanning stud finder (optional)

Suggested Quantity: One set for entire class; one set for every 4 to 5 participants is preferred

Importance Rating: Essential

Comments:  Check other sections for additional tools and equipment.

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