2.2.3 Meteorological and Solar Test Instruments

2.2.3.a. Solar Power              


  • Li-cor LI200SA pyranometer – irradiance meter
  • Li-cor LI250A light meter
  • Li-cor 2003S mounting and leveling fixture
  • Hand-held solar irradiance meter (Daystar DS-05A)

Suggested Quantity:  One irradiance meter (pyranometer), light meter, and mounting and leveling fixture; one hand-held Daystar meter for every 4 to 5 participants preferred.

Importance Rating:Essential

Comments:These tools are used to measure instantaneous solar power and correlate with array and system output. In addition to being used in the laboratory, the handheld Daystar meter (approximately $150) can be used for routine measurements of solar power in the field and during commissioning.

2.2.3.b. Meteorological Station               


  • Li-cor LI-200SL-50 pyranometer (50′ cable, standardized millivolt adapter)
  • Li-cor 2003S mounting and leveling fixture
  • Wind speed and temperature gauge

Suggested Quantity:  One set.

Importance Rating:Desirable, but not essential.

Comments:The meteorological station can be permanently installed on PV arrays for long-term monitoring of solar and meteorological conditions.

2.2.3.c. Current-Voltage (I-V) Tester      


  • Li-cor 2003S mounting and leveling fixture
  • Daystar DS-100C I-V Curve Tracer for testing PV arrays up to 50 kW (optional, advanced test instrument)
  • Solmetric PVA 600 I-V curve string analyzer

Suggested Quantity:  One tester to share.

Importance Rating: Desirable to essential (depends on the scope of training).

Comments:As the PV industry matures, the need for advanced diagnostic equipment is becoming more and more important for Operations & Maintenance (O&M)  testing.

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