3.1 Starter PV Laboratory for less than $10,000

One of the biggest challenges in developing a laboratory is obtaining sufficient funding to purchase all of the desired components, tools, and equipment for meaningful demonstrations, laboratory experiments, data collection, and hands-on learning experiences. As an alternative to a more complete facility, the table below is an example of an excellent starter laboratory that includes a complete 2040 Watt PV system and the instrumentation necessary to conduct a variety of meaningful exercises and collect useful data on component and system performance. The total cost is less than $10,000.

PV Powered    PVP2000SD-240 SunWize$1,500
AC kWh meterHialeah Meter$50
AC meter canHome Depot$30
AC disconnect 30 ampHome Depot$30
AC breakers (x2) 15 amp, SPHome Depot$30
DC disconnect HU361 30 amp Affordable Solar $175
DC combiner boxOutback Power Systems$150
DC fuses (x2) KLKD-15Outback Power Systems$25
DC 30 amp fuse holder(x2), DINOutback Power Systems$40
Mock roof 4’x8’Carpenter Built$700
Mounting system for PVAffordable Solar$600
Helios PV Modules 255W (8)Solar Panel Store$2,675 ($1.31/watt)
Equipment Subtotal     $6,005
AEMC DC current clampNewark Electronics$200
Fluke (x2) 115 VOM MeterNewark Electronics$300
Daystar solar meterDaystar Inc.$150
Fluke IR temp gunNewark Electronics $100
            Instrumentation Subtotal$3,825
            GRAND TOTAL: Equipment + Instrumentation$9,830
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