3.2 Mid-range PV Laboratory for less than $25,000

PV Training Equipment for a Complete Laboratory That Costs Less Than $25,000
Assumes a class of 10-14 students
# of ItemsItemVendorUnit CostTotal CostLaboratoryUse
2PathfinderSolar Pathfinder$270$540Shading and Site Survey Lab 
1Pathfinder Assistant ProgramSolar Pathfinder$160$160
1Solmetrics Sun Eye 210Solmetric$2,000$2,000
2Inverter, PV Powered 2000SDAffordable Solar$1,500$3,000Inverter Lab       
2Meter, AC kWhHialeah Meter$50$100
2Meter, AC canHome Depot$30$60
2Disconnect, ACHome Depot$30$60
2Breakers (x2), AC, 15 amp, SPHome Depot$30$60
2Disconnect, DC, 30 amp, HU361Affordable Solar$175$350
2Box, DC, Combiner outbackOutback Power Sys$150$300
2Fuses (x2), DC,KLKD-15Outback Power Sys$25$50
2Fuse holder (x2), DC, 30 amp, DIN mountOutback Power Sys$40$80
2Load panel, 100 amp, 240 VVarious$100$200
Subtotal  $4,260
1Inverter, Battery, 48 VVarious$1,800$1,800        Battery and Inverter Lab
1Meter, AC kWhHialeah Meter$50$50
1Meter, AC canHome Depot$30$30
1Disconnect, ACHome Depot$30$30
1Breakers , AC, 60 amp, SPHome Depot$30$30
1Disconnect, DC, 30 amp, HU361Affordable Solar$175$175
1Box, DC, Combiner outbackOutback Power Sys$150$150
2Fuses, DC, KLKD-15Outback Power Sys$25$50
2Fuse holder, DC, 30 amp, DIN mountOutback Power Sys$50$100
4Batteries, 12VOutback Power Sys$150$600
1Load panel, 100 amp, 240 VVarious$100$100
Subtotal  $3,115
2Roof mockupFSEC constructed$600$1,200Inverter, I-V Curve and Array Mounting Lab  
2Mounting systems (racks, etc.) for PVAffordable Solar$750$1,500
22000 Watt PV array ($1.30/watt)Affordable Solar$2675$5,350
2Clamp, DC current, AEMC DCNewark Electronics$200$400 
4VOM meter, Fluke (x2) 115Newark Electronics$300$1200
2Meter, Solar, DaystarDaystar, Inc.$150$300
2IR Temp Gun, FlukeNewark Electronics$100$200
2Wire wound resistor 25 Ohm, 1000WVarious$150$300
Subtotal  $2,400
1Load testerAutometer$350$350 Battery Demonstration Lab   
1Starting battery, Lead AcidVarious$100$100
1Deep Cycle BatteryVarious$200$200
1Face shieldVarious$40$40
1Rubber glovesVarious$25$25
1Safety apronVarious$50$50
2Charge controllersVarious$110$220
Subtotal     $985
4Safety material and equipment (harness, life line, leash, eye protection, roof mounting bracket, safety video)Various$100$400 
Subtotal     $400
 Work tools and materials (drill, screw drivers, torque wrench, bonding equipment, gloves, drill bits, socket sets, hammers, sealants)Various$1,500$1,500 
Subtotal  $1,500
GRAND TOTALS$14,550$23,410
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