5.0 Other Resources

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5.1 Previously Installed PV Systems

As more PV is installed on campuses throughout the county, the opportunity to have real-time access to PV installations for the students has been enhanced. Ideally, array-monitoring links can be arranged to give students access to the real-time data of a functioning array. Access would also include class tours of the PV system to identify aspects such as equipment, mounting techniques, and basic system size. Students can estimate output of the system based on historic weather and solar resource data.

Other opportunities include field trips to local installations or PV manufacturers, presentations by local PV companies, public utility representatives and public PV initiatives.  

5.2   Resources for K – 12 Institutions

With the increasing importance of photovoltaics in the U.S., appropriate instruction at every level of the educational ladder is important, from primary to high school.  K-12 offerings include:

  • Primary Education (K-5) – Green Science
  • Middle Schools (6-8) – Energy Science/ Green Technology
  • High Schools (9-12) – Alternative Energy/Green Technology and Sustainability

Although not the primary focus of this guide, here are several K-12 educational links:

5.3 IREC Training Directory for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programs

From Alabama to the U.S. Virgin Islands, here’s a list of the RTP partnering organizations for solar training.

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