At IREC, we believe that diversity, inclusion and equity are critical to shaping and accelerating a clean energy future. By working on equitable access to clean energy, we strive to address the economic, health and resilience challenges that disproportionately impact historically marginalized communities but we know that energy equity cannot be achieved without tackling racism. 

Like many of you, we have been watching with heavy hearts the events of the past several days and the demonstrations throughout the country in response to the recent killing of George Floyd by police, tragically only the most recent example of the unacceptable systemic mistreatment of people of color in our democracy. 

At this significant moment in American history, we at IREC want to affirm where we stand. We believe that Black Lives Matter. We believe that structural and systemic racism are deep-rooted problems in our society that require fixing. We stand in solidarity with communities of color and share in the sadness, anger and frustration over the murders of black and brown people. 

We also believe in a better future where all members of our society have equal rights, justice and opportunities. As we focus on our part in realizing that future, IREC commits to centering energy justice in our own work and also supporting other organizations that are advancing justice for communities of color.