Celebrate how far we’ve come, the transformative leadership that shaped today’s clean energy landscape, and our collective continued commitment to a strong sustainable future!

Join national leaders in the clean energy industry, elected officials, policymakers and advocates as we acknowledge our milestones and honor the legendary accomplishments of our esteemed colleague and very own energy hero, Jane Weissman, on March 8, 2017 at an evening reception in Washington, D.C.

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Cherished friend and esteemed colleague, Jane Weissman, the catalyst for much of IREC’s success over the past two decades.

Jane Weissman – the catalyst for much of IREC’s success over the past two decades – is a true trailblazer in the renewable energy arena. She made possible much of IREC’s transformational accomplishments. As a result, millions more of us now enjoy safe, simple, affordable access to clean renewable energy, while new tools empower us with information and confidence.

Show your support for continued sustainable energy growth. We can’t imagine celebrating without you!

March 8, 2017, 5:30-8:30 pm
Pew Charitable Trusts Conference Center
901 E St NW
Washington, DC

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Be on the Host Committee!

Host Committee members set themselves apart with their special recognition of Jane Weissman’s extraordinary accomplishments and IREC’s 35th anniversary. It acknowledges your generous donation in Jane’s honor and invites you to be an ambassador, inviting others who might be interested in attending the event or making a donation. Join those who have shown their support in the most personal way.  Add your name to the Host Committee. $250

Ward Bower
Bill Brooks
George Burmeister & Colorado Energy Group
David Compaan
Chris Cook
David Cox, Professional Testing, Inc.
Mike DeAngelis
John Dunlop
Michael Eckhart
Mark Farber
Ruth Fein
Brian Gallagher
Charlie Gay
Jeff Genzer
Benjamin Dean Goldstein
Julia Hamm
Rusty Haynes
Charlie Hemmeline
Thomas Hoff
John Hoffner
Steve Hogan
Ken Jurman
Steve Kalland
Jason Keyes
Tom Kimbis
Maureen Lambe
Mary & Richard Lawrence
Leslie Libby
Barbara L. Martin
Erica McConnell
Richard C. Michaud
Micheal Nelson
Christina Nichols
Christine Niero, Professional Testing, Inc.
Jacob L. Parks
Eileen Prado
Jane Pulaski
Bill Rever & Katie Bolcar Rever
Wilson Rickerson
Marc Roper
Joe and Colleen Sarubbi
Jeff Serfass
Jigar Shah
Larry Sherwood
Larry Shirley
Carl Siegrist
Kathryn Sikule & Brownstone
Scott Sklar
Mary Spruill
Sky C. Stanfield
Kathy Swartz & Solar Energy International
Jen Szaro
Geoff Stapleton
Tom Starrs
Carol Sue Tombari
Michael Totten
Jerry & Nancy Ventre
Chris Warfel & Entech Engineering
David & Cecile Warner
Howard Wenger
Jack and Carol Werner
Sarah L. White
Donald B. Wichert
Joe Wiedman
Larry Zarker  [hr]