Each May, we celebrate Building Safety Month, an international campaign to raise awareness about the importance of building safety in our everyday lives. Organized by the International Code Council (ICC), Building Safety Month explores the many aspects of the topic, including how building safety and a sustainable future are connected. Watch the video above to learn how building safety professionals can perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively by keeping up with the latest emerging technologies and applicable codes and standards. 

What Next?

Now that you’ve learned how solar energy, energy storage, electric vehicle charging, efficient electric heating and cooling, advanced building materials, and building controls and automation are making our buildings more durable and smarter—and our communities more resilient—IREC has numerous resources that will help you continue your journey.

The Clean Energy Clearinghouse

IREC and our partners (including the International Code Council) have created a one-stop shop for renewable energy safety and code and inspection resources. This webpage, called the Clean Energy Clearinghouse is free to use and contains resources, guides, videos, and more from industry-recognized and credible experts.


If you’re interested in free CEU-bearing courses, you can head to CleanEnergyTraining.org, IREC’s online learning management system where you will find interactive materials to practice the efficient and accurate plan review of an actual residential PV system permit application, as well as a series of video inspections of solar and storage systems and more. 

Like the Clearinghouse, all of these resources are created and vetted by experts and have been accessed by over 45,000 thousand people across the country.

With our educational resources and courses, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to inspect and enforce electrical codes and standards for existing and emerging clean energy technologies effectively and efficiently. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your career and make a positive impact in your community.