To all IREC friends and supporters,

On behalf of IREC’s staff and Board, we offer our support and solidarity during this global health crisis and extend our best wishes to you and your loved ones.

IREC continues to be 100% operational, remaining steadfast in our efforts to support states and communities to advance clean energy policy goals and innovative workforce solutions. We will prioritize efforts that help support a swift recovery from hardships associated with the economic downturn, including support of virtual education and training,

All of IREC’s tools, resources, and experts are accessible virtually through our website, and we are working swiftly to expand IREC’s interactive Learning Online clean energy training, which has provided job-relevant training to over 10,000 code officials and firefighters to date.

Since IREC has been a virtual organization for nearly 40 years, with staff and contractors in 10 states, we are well positioned during this time of social distancing. We are monitoring government closures and other changes in order to respond to delays to regulatory and workforce efforts underway.

As we weather these trying times alongside the global community, IREC remains nimble, flexible and committed to our mission to build the foundation for the rapid adoption of clean energy and energy efficiency for the benefit of people, the economy, and our planet.

Our best wishes to you and yours,

PS – We were pleased to quickly integrate off-site participation in our recent IREC Vision Summit and practiced active social distancing while allowing for engaged conversations and networking. Special thanks to our 2020 Summit Sponsors who made these important dialogues possible.