sprinterSerious about having your training program accredited by IREC and obtaining the most recognized mark of quality in clean energy? Committed to improving your already good training? A bit daunted about how to get started? Signal if I’m getting warm.

IREC has a plan that will help you prepare to apply and strengthen your training program gradually over 16 weeks (think marathon training program). And it’s free.

If you’re serious about obtaining third-party recognition and have the resources to devote to improving your training program in a structured, meaningful way, and finish with success, here’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

You’ll receive a weekly email with information on different parts of the IREC Standard, an assignment to help you gather the information you need to meet the requirement, and resources to learn more about the importance of the requirement to your program. Did I mention it’s entirely FREE?

16 weeks to a new and improved clean energy training program. What are you waiting for?

Contact Anna Sullivan (annas@irecusa.org) to sign up today!

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