There is general consensus that to bring the price of rooftop solar installations down significantly in the near future there need to be improvements made to increase the efficiency of the permitting process for these systems.  With thousands of different cities and counties having control over permitting, there is a strong need to share ideas on how to move improvements forward on an expeditious basis while also balancing the desire to retain local control over the decision-making process.

This free webinar scheduled for Wednesday, June 6th from 2:00-3:00 Eastern, will discuss approaches being used across the country to help catalyze action at a local, regional and state level to improve the efficiency of the rooftop permitting process and will highlight specific improvements being put into place.  It will outline the pros and cons of these approaches and discuss how application of different strategies may vary depending upon the governance structure in place.  The discussion will center on examples highlighted in the Interstate Renewable Energy Council’s report “Sharing Success: Emerging Approaches to Efficient Rooftop Solar Permitting” which was released in May.

Sharing Success

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During the webinar, presenters Sky Stanfield and Erica Schroeder from Keyes, Fox & Wiedman LLP will focus on the procedural components of the permitting process, and not the technical standards, to give participants various strategies that can be used in their own communities. The webinar seeks to facilitate discussion and to provide concrete examples of methods for improving the rooftop permitting process that benefit installers as well as local governments.





Sky StanfieldSky Stanfield is Of Counsel with the law firm of Keyes, Fox & Wiedman, LLP in Oakland, California. Ms. Stanfield’s practice focuses on the intersection between renewable energy regulation and environmental and land use law, with a particular focus on regulatory policy implementation, compliance and permitting processes. On behalf of IREC, Ms. Stanfield works to improve the efficiency and efficacy of the permitting process for distributed generation solar systems. She also is a leading voice for the improvement of interconnection standards and their interaction with the procurement and land use permitting processes in California.



Erica Schroeder is an associate with Keyes, Fox & Wiedman LLP. Ms. Schroeder is deeply involved in IREC’s efforts to investigate and improve permitting processes for renewable energy systems, a critical component to supporting renewable energy development nationwide. In addition, Ms. Schroeder represents IREC in state-level rulemakings on many topic areas essential to building sustainable markets for renewable energy including net metering rules, interconnection standards, and community renewables.


About this webinar series

Throughout 2012, ICLEI and its partners in the Solar Outreach Partnership for the SunShot Initiative will host free, monthly webinars with the goal of helping local governments overcome barriers to deploying solar energy and making local investment in solar more attractive.  The webinars will cover timely topics with leading experts who provide tips, resources, and case studies on the actions that local governments, utilities, industry professionals and policymakers are taking to increase their solar portfolios.  IREC, along with the North Carolina Solar Center, The Solar Foundation, Meister Consultants, and The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA), is a partner in this outreach effort.


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