Richard Knaub
Our dear friend, Richard Knaub

Richard Knaub died this Christmas week.  This incredibly wonderful guy fought back from a stroke and then got hit with cancer.  I am sure that right now Richard is holding court figuring out better ways for any higher authority to operate.

Richard was never one to sit on the side lines and he won’t now.  We will continue to learn from his intellect.  He moved the clean energy industry into a quality frame embracing the good parts of credentialing and fixing what needed to be fixed.  He was a foodie and could describe a meal down to its essence that would make you sit in a meeting ready to bolt to the kitchen.

Erudite.  Thoughtful.  Eloquent. Charming.  The joys of working and talking with Richard were deep.  Cups of tea with him were always a delight.  He brought things to the table that were too important to dismiss.

He was our mentor.  Richard moved IREC into a more significant role with credentialing and wouldn’t let us side step the tough issues.  When the details looked overwhelming, Richard would break them down into controllable pieces putting us on the right track.

You gave us your wonderful legacy, Dr. Knaub.  We are eternally grateful.