IREC’s Annual Updates & Trends Report, released at Solar Power International recently, presents information and perspective on the year’s extraordinary growth in  renewable energy and energy efficiency across the U.S., and the research, publications, expert insight and recommendations that are helping shape our clean energy future.

“The report offers an expansive collection of updated models, new best practices, and higher-ground training standards, and provides independent insight on the latest issues that face stakeholders as we respond to the tremendous growth throughout the renewable energy and energy efficiency marketplace,” says IREC President and CEO Jane Weissman.

“In addition to delving into the latest trends, and the next challenges and solutions in play in the most progressive states, the publication shares highlights from nearly 20 major reports published by IREC this year,” adds Weissman. “Many of these are regularly used to guide and shape regulatory policies, and ultimately enable more consumers to safely, reliably and affordably benefit from clean energy.”

Highlights of the report include:

  • Costs and benefits of net energy metering and standard valuation methods.
  • Results of regulatory and outreach work in clean energy progressive and transitioning states.
  • How best practices are growing smart shared renewable programs, interconnection policies, workforce development and even training of local government permitting officials.
  • New proactive planning strategies to accommodate high penetrations of distributed renewable energy generation.
  • How credentialing renewable energy and energy efficiency instructors and training programs is ensuring a future workforce with industry-driven clean energy skills.

The full report is available online, in print or on USB flash drive by request.