Kugel Billard - 5With new standards for accreditation of training providers and certification of instructors and master trainers, you might ask what this mean to you as a credential holder. What will the impact of the new program rollout really be?

Credential holders can ensure a smooth transition this fall by following these five tips:

1. File on Time. Annual reports due prior to September 30 must be filed by that date. As of September 30, IREC will perform upgrades to the online Credentialing Management System (CMS), so credential holders will not be able to access annual report forms until October 15th.

2. Use New Program Marks. Look for a communication on October 15. You will receive your new Program Mark, which you should put into use as soon as possible. An updated Mark Use Policy will be provided to assist you.

3. Review New Program Fees. A new schedule of Program fees will be available in the updated Candidate Handbook, which will be published on October 15.

4. Prepare to Meet the New Standard. Annual reports due after the Program transition will be subject to the new Program fees. There will also be new, more comprehensive Annual Report forms to help you demonstrate conformance with the applicable new Standard. Remember, if there are areas in which you do not meet the new Standard, you will have an opportunity to submit and implement a corrective action plan in order to maintain your credential.

5. Take your Credential with You.  Instructor and Master Trainer certifications will be ‘portable’ in the new Program. Instructors and Master Trainers who were previously affiliated with an organization will now be able to claim certified status, regardless of for whom they teach (within the clean energy field for which they were certified.) With this privilege comes responsibility – let us know if you need additional information about maintaining your credential.

Look for an announcement from us soon about fall webinars to help you understand the new Annual Report form. As always, if you have questions, we are here to help.

Image: © 123dartist – Fotolia.com