IREC President/CEO Larry Sherwood talks about consumer protection in a Solar Power World interview with Steven Bushong. Listen to the interview.

At Solar Power International last month, with more than 17,000 attendees, I wrote that IREC is proud of our broad, active involvement, and the presence we had onsite for our new consumer protection initiatives. In an interview with Solar Power World, I shared the importance of our latest work to get tools that educate and empower into the hands of energy consumers.

Our experts presented on some of today’s most critically important issues, like access for low-to- moderate income consumers; solar for multi-tenant buildings; education and training for engineers so they are prepared for a more modern electric grid; and the professional PV training we are facilitating for building permitting officials and fire fighters around the country. And I was personally able to forward our consumer protection agenda, with the intention that more solar professionals will put the power of IREC’s independent guidance into the hands of consumers, to make going solar less complex and more transparent.

Our national 3iAward winners were honored with deserved fanfare, and our IREC Board of Directors elected three new board members and new officers, reflecting the broadened scope of our work.

Perhaps most importantly, IREC relies on public and private funds to continue our nearly 35 years accelerating access to fair, affordable, clean renewable energy. And so I acknowledge with great thanks the generous support of our 3iForum and 3iAward sponsors.

On a final note, I invite you to Save the Date for March 8, 2017. We’re very excited to announce a reception at the Pew Charitable Trusts in Washington, DC in celebration of IREC’s 35th Anniversary and the trailblazing accomplishments of our own Energy Hero, Jane Weissman, who led IREC for 22 years before stepping down this past spring. Post it on your calendar and watch for updates on opportunities to be a member of the event’s host committee or an event sponsor.