IREC Credentialing Program  Candiate HandbookThe IREC Credentialing Program has released a new version of the IREC Candidate Handbook. The Candidate Handbook serves as a primary resource for those who are applying for or have been awarded an IREC credential. As the IREC Credentialing Program grows, continuous updates and improvements are made to address questions and feedback from candidates and to support a high quality assessment process.

In addition to content updates, the new Candidate Handbook also features a new format designed to contribute to ease of use and readability for the public’s convenience.

Notable content updates include:

  • Eligibility requirements for new IREC Credentials – IREC Accredited Training Provider, IREC Certified Instructor and IREC Certified Master Trainer.
  • Comparison table inserted to provide clarity to the distinction between IREC Certified Instructor and IREC Certified Master Trainer requirements.
  • New program fee schedule.
  • New IREC Trademark, Certification Mark and Accreditation Mark Use Policy.
  • Tips for completing an application in the online Credentialing Management system (CMS).
  • Language added stipulating that Instructor and Master Trainer candidates applying under multiple JTAs must provide unique JTA-specific experience for each JTA-specific form.
  • Annual reporting requirements streamlined so only one annual report form and one comprehensive fee is required per year, per type of credential (e.g., Training Provider.)
  • Late fee for annual maintenance fees increased to 10 percent.
  • Terminology section added for increased clarity.


Access the IREC Candidate Handbook (pdf)

Questions should be directed to the IREC Credentialing Program. [email protected](518) 621-7379.