July 8, 2013 – The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) announces a public comment period for a new credentialing standard for training providers in the renewable energy, energy efficiency and related industries. Draft IREC Standard 01023: 2013 for Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Distributed Generation Training sets the highest industry bar for these training providers.

The new standard is a result of IREC revising Standard 01022, currently used for assessment of both training organizations and instructors in the same industry space.

The revisions were undertaken to keep the standard current with industry needs, and to be consistent with best practices for standards development and revision. As a result, Standard 01022 has been divided into two new standards, which address the training provider (the organization) and instructor separately.

IREC invites public comment starting today for the first of these two standards, draft IREC Standard 01023 for training providers. This public comment period will close August 6, 2013.

This IREC standard identifies requirements for quality systems, resources, personnel and curriculum by which renewable energy, energy efficiency, distributed renewable energy generation and related training can be evaluated. IREC accredited training covers all of the topics in one or more IREC-accepted job task analyses to ensure alignment with industry needs.

IREC assembled a national panel of industry experts to develop the new standards, which together replace what is most commonly known as IREC’s ISPQ Standard. The panel includes instructors, curriculum specialists, training provider administrators and contractors/ installers.

“IREC has been most fortunate to have a talented and dedicated group of experts work on the revisions to the current standard, bringing it into alignment with changing and growing industries,” said IREC President and CEO Jane Weissman.  “We now take this draft standard to a wide group of stakeholders asking for your review and feedback.”

Distinguishing features of the draft standard for training providers include requirements for a criterion-referenced assessment, a written safety plan and training related personnel qualifications. The revised standard includes the original requirements of the current IREC ISPQ Standard 01022, with reduced redundancy and updated industry terminology.

Review the content of the draft IREC Standard 01023: 2013 (PDF) here.

Provide your comments through our survey tool here.

The public comment period for the new standard for training providers will close on August 6, 2013, with an expected release date for a final document in September 2013.

Note: The public comment period for the Instructor Standard will begin the week of July 22, 2013.

Questions should be directed to the IREC Credentialing Program: [email protected], (518) 621-7379.

Image credit: macor / 123RF Stock Photo