A bit of cartoon humor brings home the message that “the best new technology is only as good as the workmanship around it,” in this video produced by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC). The short film clearly traces why credible credentials count, and how they reduce costly mistakes.Thanks to funding from ACT Foundation, the video was produced through a first-time grant opportunity by the National Network of Business and Industry Associations.The video premiered during IREC’s 3iForum in the Industry Trends Booth last week at Solar Power International.The fundamental goal of the Network is to better connect the learning and working worlds. “Sounds relatively simple, but requires a whole new way of thinking and acting,” explains IREC President/CEO Jane Weissman. “It’s about moving towards measuring job eligibility by demonstrated competencies that someone has earned through industry certifications, for example, rather than just degrees.”

The Clean Energy Credentialing Coalition, comprised of five nationally accredited clean energy credentialing organizations, also supports the video and will promote it at industry gatherings throughout 2015 and on its website www.cleanenergycredentials.org

The National Network of Business and Industry Associations is funded through a collaborative partnership of Business Roundtable, ACT Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Joyce Foundation and Lumina Foundation.

IREC was invited to be a member of the National Network soon after it was created late in 2013.