On April 17, 2014, IREC President/CEO Jane Weissman moderated Solar Jobs Training and Workforce, the first panel of the Solar Champions of Change at a White House Summit.
Speaking about the importance of quality standards and credentials to the confidence of employers and consumers, she said: “black eyes in the industry have a long shelf life.”  She added: “Quality is invisible; mistakes are not.”
IREC's Jane Weissman moderates White House panel for Solar Champions of Change
L-R: Jane Weissman, IREC; Elyse Cherry, Boston Community Capital; Tim Sears, GRID Alternatives; Henry Red Cloud, Lakota Solar Enterprises; Kate Bowman, Utah Clean Energy; Donnel Baird, Bloc Power;
Announced at the summit were 10 Solar Champions of Change who are driving policy changes at the local level to expand energy choices for Americans, grow jobs, and add new clean energy to the grid.  Included were members of SEIA, the Solar Energy Industry Association.
The White House also called for new commitments from the private sector and non-profits to support solar deployment and jobs.