Laure-Jeanne Davignon and Kristen Ferguson

You have extensive experience in the clean energy field and in the classroom. You’ve been at this a while, and want to demonstrate the depth and quality of your experience. You should stand out in the shrinking post-ARRA training market. You hold NABCEP, BPI, RESNET or another industry certification, but want to showcase the impact you make in educating the workforce of tomorrow.

If this sounds like you, it is time to apply for IREC certification.

“Going through the certification process allowed me to take a look at myself with a clearer eye as a trainer and determine what separated me from the rest of the market.” said Steve Nall, IREC Certified Master Trainer for Quality Control Inspector and Technical Team Lead for the Indiana Community Action Association, Inc. (INCAA). “The IREC Certification gave me the opportunity to measure what I do against a standard I hold in high regard. It’s something I wanted to do.”

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Unlike many industry certifications, there is no test to sit for. Your experience and ability to articulate your educational philosophy earn the IREC Certification. You tell us about your approach to teaching and how you are able to continuously improve. You supply details about your work in the field and in the classroom.

Best of all, there two certifications to choose from, so you can decide which is the best fit for you. IREC Instructor Certification recognizes those who have extensive field and classroom experience. IREC Certified Master Trainers also need to have experience training other trainers, instructional design experience and formal training in how to teach.

IREC worked with your peers to look at what ingredients make a great instructor in our industry. We believe you could be one of them. Take a look at IREC’s Standard for instructors and master trainers and decide for yourself.

The Standard allows for multiple pathways to certification for high-quality clean energy educators with diverse backgrounds.

Which is your path?



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