September 6, 2012 – The Interstate Renewable Energy Council is pleased to announce that Johnny Weiss of Solar Energy International is the first IREC ISPQ credential holder to become a Master Trainer Emeritus. The IREC ISPQ Award Committee voted unanimously to confer this status during a special meeting on September 6, 2012.

“Johnny has held IREC ISPQ Master Trainer Certification since 2006,” states Pat Fox, Director of Operations for the IREC Credentialing Program. “IREC is pleased to recognize his continuing significant contributions to the renewable energy industry by conferring Emeritus status.”

Johnny Weiss co-founded Solar Energy International in 1991. He is a solar educator, consultant, certified Industrial Trainer and solar building professional. He has more than 20 years of experience teaching the practical applications of the renewable energy technologies of solar, wind and water power.

The IREC Credentialing Program offers Emeritus status for IREC ISPQ Certified Master Trainers or Instructors who are no longer actively teaching. Certified individuals can voluntarily withdraw their status due to retirement or inactivity, but continue to promote the fact that an IREC ISPQ certification was previously held. An IREC ISPQ Certified Master Trainer or Instructor may be eligible for Emeritus status if they are a credential holder in good standing, but are no longer actively teaching due to retirement or inactivity.

Eligible credential holders are required to complete the IREC ISPQ Emeritus Application form, and pay a one-time administrative fee of $100. Applications are ruled on by the IREC ISPQ Award Committee, the entity which makes all award decisions.

The new IREC ISPQ Emeritus Policy and application form are available on the IREC Credentialing website. Questions about the new status? Contact us at [email protected].