January 13, 2014

JTA Guidance Document Available

With the launch of IREC Standard 01023:2013, IREC has updated its Guidance Document on the development and/or selection of a job task analysis by applicant organizations.

With the launch of IREC Standard 01023:2013, IREC has updated its Guidance Document on the development and/or selection of a job task analysis by applicant organizations.

This document is intended to provide guidance for conformity with IREC Standard 14732:2013 General Requirements for Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Certificate Programs and IREC Standard 01023:2013 General Requirements for the Accreditation of Clean Energy Technology Training, in particular, to assist training organizations in developing and/or selecting a job task analysis (JTA) from which to form the basis of their curriculum or syllabus.

Demand for emerging clean energy technologies such as sustainability, geothermal, and water conservation are creating new opportunities for training providers. This guidance document is a must read for any organization who will be developing or selecting a JTA in an effort to expand training.

According to a recent NREL publication, “Ensuring quality work and having access to the needed workforce are key factors for enabling an industry to grow and sustain itself. The development of JTAs is the first step in creating worker certifications and training accreditations within an industry or a sector of industry.”

Here’s looking forward to a new year and new training opportunities.