Student teams compete for the national title with their handcrafted wind turbines at the USA Science & Engineering Festival

KidWind Challenge kids
KidWind Challenge kids
Photo: KidWind

Building on the success of local and regional KidWind Challenge events, KidWind, the international leader of clean energy education, is launching the inaugural National KidWind Challenge. Its intent is to spark the competitive spirit of students while helping them study and build environmentally friendly energy options.

The event will take place at the USA Science & Engineering Festival, the only science and engineering festival in the United States, on Saturday, April 26, 2014 in Washington D.C. The KidWind National Challenge will bring together student teams to compete for the National KidWind Challenge title by showcasing their handcrafted wind turbines in front of wind industry experts.

“By launching the National KidWind Challenge, we are creating excitement around clean energy,” said Michael Arquin, Founder of KidWind. “KidWind Challenges over the past few years have shown students how important it is to think critically about alternative energy as they prepare for careers in science and engineering.  During the National KidWind Challenge, wind energy industry leaders will be on site to witness our leading teams demonstrate their knowledge of wind energy and engineering.”

Teams can qualify for the National KidWind Challenge by participating in one of two ways — by winning a KidWind Challenge Event in their local area, or by winning a monthly KidWind Challenge Online.

The KidWind Challenge Events allow teams of students in grades 4-12 to come together to test efficiency and design of their wind turbines in the high-speed KidWind Wind Tunnel and be judged by wind industry experts. The KidWind Challenge Online allows students across the world to build wind turbines, calculate their own energy output and upload pictures and results to the KidWind website for judging.

The three top-performing teams from each KidWind Challenge Event and all monthly KidWind Challenge Online winners are invited to showcase their winning wind turbines at the National KidWind Challenge in Washington D.C. To qualify for the National KidWind Challenge teams must register between now and March 1, 2014 for their local KidWind Challenge Event or the KidWind Challenge Online.

“The KidWind Challenge is one of the most effective programs we have seen for K-12 education, in terms of reach and content,” said Darlene Snow, executive director of the Wind Energy Foundation. “The KidWind Challenge educates and excites thousands of our future scientists, engineers, technicians, and business and community leaders every year.”

“KidWind is a fantastic resource and partner for helping teachers engage students in science and technology projects that matter,” said Andy Lueth, 7th grade science teacher from Buffalo, NY and a KidWind WindSenator, a trained advocate of renewable energy. “KidWind puts tinkering and discovery back in the classroom – where it belongs.”

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Source: KidWind