DWEA Report CoverThe National Association of Counties (NACo) and the Distributed Wind Energy Association (DWEA) have released a guide that details best practices to assist counties in developing effective county wind ordinances.

The report, County Strategies for Successfully Managing and Promoting Wind Power, is the result of a NACo and DWEA partnership to assist county leaders and the wind industry in working collaboratively to develop affordable and safe wind energy projects that respect property rights and promote economic growth.

The guide serves as a tool for county elected officials and planners to learn about local wind ordinance development, explore key ordinance criteria, and consider best practices from other counties. For example, the permitting process is often a daunting obstacle for counties, wind developers, and would-be consumers to www. Few counties have added allowances for wind systems -even small-scale- to their zoning codes. In some places, unfamiliarity with wind technologies has resulted in complete restriction of wind development to avoid setting a controversial precedent.

The guide explains key differences in wind system technologies and cites best practices for distributed wind in areas, such as rotor turbine height, lighting, and safety.

Download the guide here. Hard copies are available upon request.

Source: Distributed Wind Energy Association