Submitted by Matt Fedorko
Northern Mid-Atlantic RTP


PV worker in Penn State's O&M video
Solar PV worker performing electrical inspection during O&M

The Northern Mid-Atlantic RTP has produced two new video series, Solar Operations/Maintenance and Inspection of Solar Arrays. The videos were filmed on location in Milesburg, PA, and hosted by Kevin Wright, United Management Consultants, who also performed all of the actual electrical inspections of the array as it was being constructed.

Solar PV Inspection Walkthrough is series of eight brief videos intended to give students, instructors, contractors, or other AHJs insight into how an electrical inspector might perform the final electrical inspection of a roof-mounted PV system.

Throughout the series, Kevin guides the viewer through the process he would generally follow when inspecting a roof-mounted PV system, with the goal of safely and efficiently determining code compliance of the materials and methods used in the installation.

In Solar Operations/Maintenance, a series of seven short videos, Wright takes the viewer through the entire O&M process, from the nature of agreements, to the on-site visit, to final reporting. Intended as an overview, and not a complete guide to the specific techniques and technologies involved (I-V curve tracers, IR cameras, etc), the video introduces students to the whys, the whens, and the hows of PV O&M.

These two videos series, along with a selection of other videos used in a variety of credit and non-credit solar courses at Penn State University, can be found here.

Image: from PennState O&M training video