CALIFORNIA – Palo Alto Renovates Solar-Thermal Incentives
City of Palo Alto Utilities has offered rebates for solar water heating since 2008. The utility recently overhauled its program by mirroring the recent changes made by the state’s investor-owned utilities to their own incentives for solar water heating. Palo Alto’s revised program includes separate incentive rates for systems that displace natural gas and electricity, and higher maximum incentives.

FLORIDA – FPL PV Rebate Program Opens, Shuts
Florida Power & Light’s PV rebate application period for 2013 program funding opened and closed October 16. If funds become available due to cancelled reservations, rebates will be made available to applicants placed on a waiting list. Applicants who do not receive a rebate for 2013 program funding may apply for a 2014 rebate in October 2013.

IOWA – Rules Finalized for New Solar, Geothermal Tax Credits
The Iowa Department of Revenue has adopted final rules for geothermal and solar tax credit created by the state legislature in May. The new rules clarify the credit calculation and expiration date, and establish a process for a waiting list when the annual credit cap has been met.  Iowa Geothermal incentive.  Solar energy tax credits (personal).  Solar energy systems tax credit (corporate). 

MICHIGAN – Consumers PV FIT Enters Hibernation
The eighth and ninth phases of Consumers Energy’s Experimental Advanced Renewable Energy Program have closed. Phase 8 offered a performance-based incentive of $0.219/kWh for electricity generated by non-residential PV, and Phase 9 offered $0.249/kWh for residential PV. The dates and incentive levels of the next phase, expected to launch in the first quarter of 2013, have not been announced. 

MICHIGAN – PSC Invites Comments on Net Metering, Interconnection Policies
The Michigan Public Service Commission is reviewing the state’s interconnection procedures and net-metering policy. Public comments regarding applications, agreements and procedures will be accepted through October 30. More information is available on the PSC’s web site under Case #15919.

NEW HAMPSHIRE – Renewables Programs Injected with Cash; Massive Surplus Remains
New Hampshire’s Renewable Energy Fund collected $19.1 million in FY2012 – more than seven times the amount it collected ($2.6 million) the previous year – from alternative compliance payments under the state’s RPS. Using $5.67 million of this sum, the maximum amount authorized, the Public Utilities Commission has set budgets for FY2013 for the state’s renewables grant and rebate programs. Of the $5.67 million, $1.94 million has been reserved for three existing incentive programs supporting new residential solar, wind and biomass projects, and $2.79 million has been reserved for two existing incentive programs supporting new commercial and industrial renewables projects. It is currently unclear what will become of the $13.4 million surplus in this fund.

TEXAS – Fresh Utility PV Rebates on the Horizon
Program guidebooks and forms for PV rebates that will be offered by American Electric Power Texas Central Company, American Electric Power Texas North Company, and the Southwestern Electric Power Company are now available. These utilities will begin accepting rebate applications for new PV projects on December 5.   AEP (SWEPCO) – SMART Source Solar PV Program.  AEP Texas North Company – SMART Source Solar PV Rebate Program.   AEP Texas Central -SMART Source Solar PV Rebate

TEXAS – Co-Op’s Solar Rebate Levels Drop
The incentive level for Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative’s PV rebate program has been lowered from $2.50/W to $2/W, and the maximum rebate has dropped from $10,000 to $8,000. Systems exceeding 20 kW still do not qualify for this program.