HAWAII – DOR Issues More Guidance on Renewables Tax Credit
Because the rules for calculating Hawaii’s tax credit for solar and wind energy will change in 2013 (pursuant to temporary administrative rules issued last month), the Department of Revenue has issued additional guidance on determining whether or not a system has been “placed in service” in 2012. Taxpayers should pay close attention to the new guidance; if the procedures are not followed properly, the system will not qualify for the credit in 2012, and the 2013 calculation rules will apply. 

ILLINOIS – Renewables Rebate Program Goes on Sabbatical
All funds have been reserved for the Illinois’s popular rebate program for solar and wind energy. The Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity offered rebates of $1.50/W to $2.60/W for solar and wind, and 30% rebates for solar-thermal projects. The program opened in September; it will not re-open until next September.

MASSACHUSETTS – Grants Available for Wind Studies, Planning
Massachusetts is now offering grants for site assessments, feasibility studies, onsite wind monitoring, acoustic studies, and business planning for community– and commercial-scale wind projects. Grants of up to $100,000 are available for public-sector projects and up to $67,000 for non-public projects. Cost sharing is required. This program is expected to remain open through August 2013. 

MICHIGAN – DTE Energy to Restore PV Incentives
DTE Energy will reopen its Solar Currents program on January 7, 2013. This program offers both an up-front incentive and a production incentive for PV generators. All DTE customers are eligible. DTE has planned four application periods, with awards supporting 500 kW of projects for each round.

NEW YORK – NYSERDA Seeks to Raise Biomass Incentive Ceiling
NYSERDA has requested approval from the New York Public Service Commission to increase the maximum incentive offered under the Customer-Sited Tier (CST) Anaerobic Digester Incentive Program from $1 million to $2 million. NYSERDA believes that the current $1 million limit is inadequate to support development due to the sunset of the federal 1603 Treasury Grant Program and lower electricity prices. The PSC has not yet reached a decision.

TEXAS – Oncor Launches 2013 PV Incentive Program
Oncor’s Solar Photovoltaic Standard Offer 2013 Program will begin accepting applications on December 10. The 2013 program budget has been raised to $11.5 million (compared to $2.7 million in 2012). The incentive levels are $538.79/kW and $0.53/kWh for residential customers, and $538.79/kW and $0.41/kWh for non-residential customers.

TEXAS – TNMP PV Pilot Program Retired
Texas New Mexico Power will no longer offer the Solar PV Pilot Program as part of its portfolio for 2013. Previously, this program offered a flat rebate of $1.75/W for residential PV, with a maximum award of $17,500.

TEXAS – AEP PV Incentives Back in the Saddle
AEP’s Smart Source Solar PV Program will re-open with new 2013 program guidelines and a new budget on January 2. The Southwestern Electric Power Company and AEP Texas North Company will offer a rebate of $1.50/W for residential PV and $1.20/W for non-residential systems. The AEP Texas Central Company will offer a rebate of $1.50/W for residential installations and $1.25/W for non-residential installations.