CONNECTICUT – Residential PV Rebate Levels Step Down
Connecticut’s Residential Solar Investment Program has reached step three, and so the rebate level for customer-owned systems has been reduced from $2.275/W to $1.75/W for the first 5 kW system, and from $1.075/W to $0.55/W for the next 5 kW. The program’s performance-based incentive, available for third-party-owned systems, has not yet reached its installed capacity milestone (2 MW); it remains $0.30/kWh for six years.

DELAWARE – SREC Program Poised to Rise and Shine
The Delaware Public Service Commission recently ruled that the state’s SREC 2013 Procurement Program application period must begin on or before March 31. Delmarva Power is the only participating utility at this time; therefore, procurement estimates are based on Delmarva Power’s projected SREC needs in compliance year 2013. Delmarva proposes to purchase 8,000 SRECs through the 2013 program, which has three components:  new systems (4,000 SRECs), existing systems (3,000 SRECs) and spot market purchases (1,000 SRECs).

NEW YORK – LIPA Ratchets Down Residential PV Incentives
The Long Island Power Authority has reduced residential PV incentive levels for customer-owned and leased systems by $0.10/W. The incentive level is now $1.65/W for customer-owned systems and $1.40/W for leased systems. The change also has the effect of reducing the maximum incentive for both categories of projects by $1,000, as LIPA only provides rebates for the first 10 kW of installed capacity.

PENNSYLVANIA – Solar Rebates Emerge from Funding Coma
The Pennsylvania Sunshine solar rebate program has transitioned from “waiting list” to “active” mode, with $7.25 million in new funding provided by the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Financing Authority. A portion of the new funding will be reserved for systems that have already been approved for a rebate but remain on the waiting list. Waiting-list projects must be completed by June 1, 2013, to claim a rebate. The program will cease accepting new applications when funding is exhausted or on December 31, 2013, whichever comes first.

TEXAS – El Paso Electric Solar Rebates Back in the Saddle
El Paso Electric’s 2013 Solar PV Rebate program will reopen February 1. Rebates at a flat rate of $0.75/W are available for residential customers and $1/W for non-residential customers. The maximum incentives for residential systems and non-residential systems are $7,500 and $50,000, respectively.

UTAH – PV Rebate Program Enjoys 11-Month Vacation
Rocky Mountain Power accepted applications for its PV rebate program for two weeks in January. Winners will be determined by lottery on or before February 8. The program will have four more annual application periods — each January — through 2017.